Top 5 Best Calendar Apps in 2022

Best Calendar Apps top pick

Do you always lose track of date and day? Don’t worry, most of us have the problem, and that is why we need calendar apps. A calendar app is something that uses machine learning to do regular scheduling for you. It learns your contact, schedule, and tasks and takes over your action plan for arranging things in place. It knows your position and availability. By the use of a calendar, you can easily manage multiple meetings, your travel plans, and your social time management and gives you the best way to balance your schedule. In other words, a suitable calendar app works as your secretary, in a machine form.

Now let’s find the best suitable apps for you.

How much do you depend on notifications and reminders?

Where do you need a calendar to maintain your family and work-life?

Where are you comfortable minimum tech support or jam-packed tech-shabby?

What is the feature expected from a great calendar app?

Calendar apps mainly focus on showing the upcoming schedules and reminders for future actions. Here we tried to get some apps, which also guide you time management besides being just functional.

Let’s consider apps with following features:

  • Minimal clicking and menu exploration makes an app user-friendly.
  • Calendar apps which can function as expectations and promises.
  • For a dedicated scheduler, apps should be power-packed with features and customizable to adjust the app as per the user’s comfort.
  • Secure sharing options and well collaborative apps make man-management comfortable in work life as well as personal life.
  • We must look for the apps which can be accessed from any relevant platform and devices.

Several calendar apps are there. We have considered the best five apps that will work on any platform. All of the calendars given below have a free version, whereas some of them come with a paid version with better features.

1. Google Calendar

If you have a Google account, you can create multiple calendars. These entries can be ported to any other available online calendar.

Google Calendar provides excellent analytical supports to offer the best usage of it. As an example, G Suite apps, allow you to generate a calendar event using Gmail.

Google Calendar enables the option of checking coworker`s schedules alongside.

Completely free of cost.


  • One of the best calendar apps to cater to centralized solutions to your tasks, goals, reminders, and schedule. There are numbers of reminder varieties which will help you to manage your schedule, to-dos, and goals quite comfortably.
  • It helps to stay organized by location-based reminders.
  • The paid version starts from $5.99/month (billed annually)

3. Microsoft Office calendar

  • The most widely used app works mainly as a personal manager. A super reliable way to unify all your calendar, contacts, emails, schedules, documents in one forum.
  • The real strength of Outlook, a part of Microsoft Office, to allow you to share calendars with coworkers.
  • A quick meeting can be fixed using either email or calendar through these apps. A free online version is available, which has family sharing, so other family members can be added to be streamlined with your schedules.
  • The paid version is from $5.99/month for Office 365 subscriptions.

4. 24me

  • 24me provides a unified platform for tasks, schedules, appointments, and meets. It works as a single mobile assistant to manage the tasks.
  • It synchronizes everything in one place, including your Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo!, and iCloud calendars. It also manages social media like Facebook, financial providers, and utility services.
  • The paid version is $5.99/month or $35.99/year

5. My Study Life

  • My study Life is an app dedicated to meet the unique requirements of students and educators. The educational world is not similar to the corporate needs and to cater and accommodate that a dedicated design is essential and that you will get with this calendar app.
  • Your lesson plans, assignments, examination, study notes, everything can be taken care of by the apps.
  • Completely free of cost.

More you get updated and used to your calendar apps, the more you will feel organized, adequately managed. That will not only improve your work performance but also create a positive impact on your personal life. Choosing the correct calendar app for you is crucial.

Simone Brewster
Simone Brewster

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